Animal Rescue Group Alanya
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Welcome to our website! 

Can you be my voice when the hope is gone?

ARGA (Animal Rescue Group Alanya) was founded in April 2016 by Feri Larsen.
In June 2016 Marian Kraay joined ARGA and they started working together.
In November 2016 ARGA's  first cat house for long term fostercare became reality with, at that time, 17 cats in fostercare.
31 January 2017 ARGA's official registration in Norway became a fact.
Simone van der Meiden came in our team in September 2017 and is ARGA's representative in Holland.

Untill today we were able to :
Neuter / spay more then 500 streetcats.
Feed at 18 different locations all over Alanya with the help of our volunteers.
Provide medical help for more then 1500 streetcats in case of emergency.
53 former streetcats became adopted and are now living in their forever home in Europe, the USA and Scandinavia.

ARGA is depending on donations of animal lovers all over the world and is working together with other animal rescue groups.
We are in urgent need of food donations or help with neutering & spaying streetcats.

You can find our daily blog on facebook:

If you have questions or you want to know more about what we do, please don't hesitate to contact us and fill in the contact form on this website. 

We hope to hear from you!!

Street feeding 

We daily feed over 900 street animals at 15 different locations all over Alanya.

Rescue & first aid

We provide medical help in case of emergencies. 

 Neutering & spaying 

THE first step in  the prevention of animal suffering

Foster care

Quarantine rooms

Short term fostercare

Long term fostercare

Adoption & travel

We provide assistence in the procedure of taking your (adopted) cat abroad.

These are our adopted animals.


Hope 4 Strays

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Antalya's straatsukkeltjes

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