Please help us to help them!
Can you be their voice when all the hope is gone? 

Every euro / dollar / british pound counts and makes a difference to their lives. 
We try to do whatever we can to provide all streetanimals a better life!


Animal Rescue Group Alanya
Organisation nr : 918497110
Bankaccount : 60050686682
 IBAN : NO2360050686682
Paypal :
VIPS : 97475
In Euro:
 S. v.d. Meiden 


ARGA has many cats in fostercare and that costs a lot of money.
It's not only their food and catstones but also the vaccinations etc.
To cover this costs we need help.
Sponsorship means that you sponsor a cat.
We send you regularly updated information about your cat and some pictures.
You can fully sponsor a cat, half sponsor a cat or quarter sponsor a cat;
Full: €20,-
Half: € 10
Quarter: €5,- 
For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.