Please help us to help them!
Can you be their voice when all the hope is gone? 

Every euro / dollar / british pound counts and makes a difference to their lives. 
We try to do whatever we can to provide all streetanimals a better life!


Animal Rescue Group Alanya
Organisation nr : 918497110
Bankaccount : 60050686682
 IBAN : NO2360050686682
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VIPS : 97475
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Remote adoption

ARGA has many cats in fostercare and that part costs a lot of money.
It's not only their food and catstones but also the vaccinations etc.
To cover this costs we need help for each cat, by 'remote adoption' for each cat in our care.
Remote adoption means that you remote adopt a cat which is never coming to you and the moment when your 'remote adopted' cat becomes adopted for real, we straightly contact you to inform you and to give you the opportunity to remote adopt another cat in our care.
Remote adoption costs 15 euro a month.
We send you regularly updated information about your cat and some pictures.
For more information please don't hesitate to contact us. 

(Local) fostercare

ARGA has 2 cat houses for long term fostercare for cats in the adoption process to Europe, the USA or Scandinavia and a quarantine home for injured or sick cats which need longer medical attention.
Both cat houses are full at this moment.
We take only cats in fostercare who can't survive on the street or any severe medical condition such as blindness, deaf or a handicap.
We are URGENTLY checking for people in Alanya area who want to help us to take care of an injured or sick cat which only has to stay for maximum 1 week in short term fostercare and in the neighbourhood of our vet in case something is happening and the cat needs immediate medical help.
Food and catstones will be provided.
If you want more information please don't hesitate to contact us by the form on this website or by our Facebook group ' ARGA can you be my voice when all the hope is gone'.