Adoption and travel

When a cat is adopted, he / she needs :


*2 x karma vaccinations (kitten with 9 and 12 weeks) 
*1 x rabbies vaccination 
*Pet passport 
*1 month after the rabbies vaccination, some blood will be taken and send to a laboratory in     Ankara to confirm the cat has antibodies against rabbies in the blood. 

 Exactly 3 months after the receival date of the bloodsample, the cat is ready to leave Turkey.

*When date is received that the cat can leave, the owner will be contacted immediately to inform the owner so he/she will be able to find a flight to come to take the cat or sending somebody else when this time comes. 
If needed we can find a flight volunteer but be aware this is very difficult in the wintertime or out of the summerseason. The best way is to come and take your new pet yourself. 2 days before departure date the cat has to go for last checkup at our vet and then to the Tarim office in Alanya, together with the person which flies with him/her to the forever home, and to take there the official traveldocument which shows the cat is allowed to leave Turkey. Without this document the cat can't leave the country!


The owner will be informed and guided step by step regarding the costs during the whole procedure. 

For small kittens the whole procedure takes longer time then for adult cats.