Rescue & first aid

ARGA receives mergency calls and messages several times a day with a request to help an injured or sick streetcat or dog.

We directly contact the person who contacted us for more information about the location and medical condition of the cat / dog.

If possible we are going to the location to pick up the animal, but if not we ask the person who found the cat / dog to go to our vet.

Medical examination follows and treatment is provided that time.

If a cat needs more medical help or needs to be quarantined for a while, we bring the cat to our quarantine location for extra medical care etc.

If a cat is unable to go back to the street we found him/her, we take it in fostercare to find a forever home with the help of our European network.

* For ARGA it is impossible to provide fostercare for a dog, we don't have a solution for this part but we try to contact local dog organisations for help that time *